Friday, October 05, 2007

Here's to the Bubble Man!

A tribute to Alan Greenspan and his successor "Helicopter Ben" Bernanke.

The Bubble Man

Here’s to the Bubble Man
Drink to his health
Filling the punch bowl
With bubbling wealth
They call him the Maestro, 80 years young
Just watch the bubbles roll off his tongue

Cause when the Bubble Man speaks
Everyone hears
Don’t know what he’s saying
But the message is clear
Let the good times roll over
We’ll pay it some day
Meanwhile the bubbles
Will float you away

Here’s to the bears asleep in their dens
Here’s to the bulls, may the good times never end
Here’s to the hedgehogs and the weasels and the swine
Peddling snake oil in sparkling wine bottles

Who can make money out of thin air?
Why, the Bubble Man can, but buyers beware
One day your dollar’s worth less than a dime
Cause bubbles all pop, it’s just a matter of time

So mortgage the future, mortgage the past
You can spend your self wealthy if you don’t do the math
Can’t pay the piper, but he’ll loan you what you need
Just sign the paper and give up the deed, brother.

Cover your ears when the Bubble Man speaks
Somethin’s so fishy the whole country reeks
The Emperor’s naked, it’s more than obscene
The world takes a bubble bath but no one comes clean

And so as the Bubble Man rides off into the sunset,
There’s not a dry eye on Wall Street.
But wait! What’s that sound?
Why, it’s Son of Bubble Man!
He’s dropping money out of helicopters!
Hallelujah! Good times are here again!
Cash-out refi anyone?
No credit, good credit, bad credit
We don’t care! The Bubble Man’s back in town!

The Bubble Man is dead. Long live the Bubble Man!

© 2007 Newspeak Publishing

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