Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I was on the road with a traveling band,
I saw a revolution in a foreign land,
The animals thought they could run the farm,
They marched through the barnyard singing this song:

Four legs good, two legs bad
The animals know that the people are mad
Four legs good, two legs bad
The animals know that the people are mad
On the Animal Farm

The cows and the horses will plow the fields,
The sheep and the goats will cook the meals,
The ducks and the crows they pick the corn,
The chickens and the geese keep the nest eggs warm

And up on the barn with watchful eyes
The hogs and the pigs will supervise
On the Animal Farm

People are cruel and they just don’t care,
But everyone works and everyone shares
On the Animal Farm

Everyone is equal here,
There is no need for greed or insincerity
Will reality appear?
Could it be true that animals are people too?

I went to a party in the county jail
The animals came and they posted my bail
They took me back to the animal farm
They sobered me up and they kept me warm
I don’t know why they befriended me
But soon I was walking on my hands and knees
On the Animal Farm

I got my job and I earn my pay
When you live in the city it’s the only way
I got my house and I got my car
And a bumper sticker says
I’d rather be down on the Animal Farm

Then one night there arose a sound
Coming from the distance of the manor ground
The animals crept through the moonlit night
What they saw was a terrrible sight.
They peeked through the window at the poker game
The pigs and the people all looked the same…

©1985 Newspeak Publishing

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