Friday, January 25, 2008

Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo

Ron Paul Goes to the Zoo

Elephant and donkey walking side by side
Fightin’ over who’s gonna take you for a ride
Dark horse gallops up to join the brawl
He’s fightin’ for the people and his name is Ron Paul

He’s the only candidate who speaks his mind
and he knows he works for you
And that’s why all the animals
are trying to kick him outta the zoo

Well you don’t have to drive to the local zoo
You can watch all the monkeys on the TV news
talking in circles hopin’ no one’s seen
The half-ton gorilla in the middle of the screen

Cause when the Ron Paul juggernaut comes to town
Well they’re nowhere to be found.
Cause it’s mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru all around

So all you fat cat zookeepers tryin’ to rig the stage
Don’t taunt the tiger when he’s in his cage
One day that tiger’s going to jump the wall
Walk into a voting booth and vote for Ron Paul

Don’t listen when the polls say he just can’t win
Cause you know the fix is in
And if you want to save your country
then you gotta put your two cents in

Words and music by Scott Pettersen
©2008 Newspeak Publishing

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